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Activity Tracking 2

Page history last edited by huisuetying 11 years, 6 months ago

Welcome to your learning page. This page is for you to keep a register of your learning history.


Student's name:

Cheung Yat Yi             1155030402 

Hui Suet Ying, Crystal  1155031323

Wong Tak Fai             1155023909 


Topic Chosen:

12. Talking piano (Linear(Fourier) transform)




Tutor Objective Activities Date Comment

Understanding the basic principle of talking piano

Searching in the website and watching video in youtube 





  Searching details of the Fourier transform

We've search about fourier transform. It is a mathematical transform with many applications in physics and engineering. Mostly, it will transform a mathematical function of time into a new function, which is complex value. 



  Practice the Fourier transform by using Maxima 

This week, we have practise the fourier transform by using maxima.
ft(exp(-q^2),q,v) => SQRT(%PI)*%E^(%I^2*%PI^2*v^2)
And we've understand the fourier transform more deeply by having lesson in the video.



  Poster Design 

This week, we have summarize all the information and materials.


Also, we started to design the poster, and find the related picture and graphic to make the poster more attractive and rich.



Comments (1)

sidjaggi said

at 3:58 pm on Nov 18, 2012

some mroe details would be nice. what have you learnt about fourier transforms? can you implement a fourier transform using maxima?

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