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Wong Chun Ming Wilson   1155029726

Choi Chun Chau Joe            1155029678

Yiu Tsz Shing Charles          1155029393


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Tutor Objective Activities Date Comment
 Clearify what we have to do
Borrow related readings 
Find easier example Some Good Videos
I think we can use an easier example for poster.
We assign a number for each letter of the alphabet. For simplicity, let us associate each letter with its position in the alphabet: A is 1, B is 2, and so on. Also, we assign the number 27 (remember we have only 26 letters in the alphabet) to a space between two words. 
  Know the applications of Cryptography for poster

We think we can focus on Integrity in Transmission

Many of the users of communication systems are not as much concerned about secrecy as about integrity. In an electronic funds transfer, the amount sent from one account to another is often public knowledge. What the bank cares about is that only proper transfers can take place. If an active tapper could introduce a false transfer, funds would be moved illicitly. An error in a single bit could literally cause millions of dollars to be erroneously credited or debited. 

  doing the poster
discussion how to design the poster :which content need to be included






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sidjaggi said

at 4:01 pm on Nov 18, 2012

i remember you saying you were having trouble with the mceliece cryptosystem. come talk to me during class break/after class.

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